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Melissa Sampey


is appointed as Council President Pro-Tem

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Melissa Sampey

Disabilities Awareness Month!

Nobody should ever feel like they don't matter or can't make a difference. I recently sat down with City of Westland Chief Diversity Officer C. Paschal Eze, Disability Advocate Ray Schuholz, and Licensed Counselor from Hegira Health, Inc. Rebecca Rodgers to talk about the many facets of dealing with a disability and offer up some tips and resources for all of us.


Committed to serving the residents of Westland with determination and dedication, I will continue our journey toward a brighter future together.


Melissa Sampey,
Council President Pro-Tem 


Putting My Experience
to Work


Meet Melissa


While growing up, I had aspirations of becoming either a lawyer or a radio DJ. However, after finding success in my career as a businesswoman and communications specialist, advocating for others soon became my driving passion. My desire to make a difference stems from my personal experiences of having a low-functioning brother with autism. I recall instances where others would judge him for his behavior, but I would step up to defend him by speaking his truth aloud. This instilled in me a deep sense of compassion and a drive to give a voice to those who need it most.


In 2021, my commitment to public service led me to seek a position on Westland City Council, and I was honored to be elected by my fellow residents. As a city council member, I have embraced the opportunity to serve our community, and I am proud of the progress we have made thus far. As I look towards the future, I remain firmly committed to making a positive impact in Westland.

  Watch my City Council Candidate Video


My Commitment to the City of Westland

As a lifelong resident of Westland and a 17-year homeowner in this community, I have deep roots and a strong connection to our city. Westland is more than just my home; it's where my family lives, and we take great pride in being a part of this great community. For me, family values are everything, and I hold honesty, hard work, integrity, and strong community involvement in the highest regard. As a city councilwoman, I will ensure that these values are reflected in every decision we make together for the betterment of our families and neighbors across Westland.


My commitment to excellence and transforming our community is unwavering. I am always focused on bringing a fresh perspective to city council, one that is innovative, strategic, and focused on the needs and aspirations of our residents. As a city councilwoman, I work tirelessly to promote economic growth, ensure public safety, enhance access to essential services, and create opportunities for a better quality of life for all.


Together, we can build a brighter future for Westland!


I believe that:

  • We need to continue to support Public Safety to keep our city safe, homes protected, and residents' wellness top of mind. We need to ensure appropriate staffing levels at each fire station in Westland for our Firefighters, Paramedics, and Public Services. We need to set them up for success and make sure they have the tools they need to do their job. 

  • We need a city that provides essential services to all members of our community and provides opportunities and jobs for young families that will invest in their homes and stay here for generations to come as well as improve the services and activities we offer to our senior population. 

  • We need to focus on Westland's economic development to attract new businesses and improve the current infrastructure. I would love to see a "Downtown Westland" that attracts people to our city to dine and shop. This would bring a unique experience that would allow for development and entertainment.

  • As a Mom to a busy and talented athlete, I support investment in updating our parks and recreational services. My son has played travel baseball for 8 years and we have been lucky to use the recently updated Baseball fields at Rotary and Jaycee Parks. I want to ensure that we continue to make investments in our parks that update the equipment and facilities at the parks so we can attract outside organizations to host tournaments, events, and activities in our city. Also, our young families deserve access to recreational activities right here in our city.   

  • I want to keep our taxes low and make sure that our tax dollars are being used in a fiscally responsible manner on the right programs and services. 

  • We have made lots of progress in our city on updating our roads as several projects are currently happening. I want to make sure that we are in a position financially to maintain the upkeep and upgrades of our roads and infrastructure.


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